WaysTo Bet On A Tennis Match

One of the first steps in being a better tennis bettor is to familiarize yourself with the games with the best odds.

Betting on Tennis

The game of tennis has a large variety of tournaments, from small local events to larger tournaments around the world. These tournaments range in size and prize money, as well as location.

Because there are many different levels of play in tennis, it’s important to know which tournaments provide the best odds and what you need to do in order to be a successful competitor.

Things You must Watch Out for

When you’re watching a tennis match, don’t just focus on who’s winning or losing. Instead, try to predict how long each point will last by looking for statistics like:

  • Number of games won in set/match
  • Number of games with double faults
  • Number of games won in first set
  • Number of games won by service break
  • Number of games won by 2nd serve win percentage
  • Number of games lost by 2nd serve win percentage
  • Point differential